Care Instructions

Generalities: Stabilized moss is natural. Variations in colour and thickness may exist between elements of the same reference. Some parts may have slight defects ( uneven colour or thickness...).

Use: Can be glued with PVC floor glue, preferably solvent-free.

Can be stemmed with plants or other decorative elements.

Humidity: If the ambient humidity level is too high, the moss can become saturated with water and allow a few drops of colour to escape. Do not put it in contact with another plant or a light-coloured porous material to prevent it from fading.

Light & heat exposure: Moss exposed to the sun for a long time can discolour - Exposed to heat, it dries out.

Evolution over time: Over time, the moss tends to discolour to a certain e


Stabilized plants offer many advantages. They are easy to store and maintain and have many uses.

By choosing a stabilized moss-based support for your creations, you ensure a durable work to your customers, while giving free rein to your imagination. Everything is absolutely possible, tailor-made is the primary characteristic of this easily malleable plant.

Flat moss allows a diversified use: floral compositions, frames, paintings, it is however mainly used in the creation of vegetal walls, a trend that has exploded in recent years. They make it possible to bring to a closed environment a touch of "nature" of the most appreciable, especially in urban sites